The Secret


So people ask me what is the SECRET when it comes to successful trading.

So I tell you...

Well, there is no secret. No trader can always win. this is simply doesn't exist in market nature.

Here are some of the reason made ME lose money on the crypto market, And I like to share this with YOU guys, and maybe if you adopt even one things out of this it can help YOU also like it helped me.

1. I had no strategy - the problem is that most traders have learned technical analysis - the market analysis has become an art - everyone sees something different - and ultimately you don’t have a simple, permanent and repetitive method of how to analyze and trade the market - and when you don’t have a method - then every hour you see something different and act differently. BIG PROBLEM.

2. I didn't have a way of checking whether my strategy is correct - you may have developed a strategy, and you have permanent and clear rules - but the problem is that you do not have a way to check it by BackTest or during a period of trading - and in this way you have no faith in your method, and if you have sequence trades losses you decide to change the method instead of persisting in it....BIG PROBLEM.

3. The psychology of trading - Most traders close a small profit but when they have a loss they leave it open and wait (and pray) that the market will change direction and they will return to profit or at least to the entry point. This made me lose a lot, some of the time and earn some few times a day - but the bottom line - the annual - the monthly - I go out with a big loss. BIG PROBLEM.

4. You're not on the computer - like any human being - you cannot sit 24/7 on your computer and trade and look for strategies - and that's why you miss opportunities. Or even the worst than that in my opinion - You trade from phone on-the-go. BIG PROBLEM.

5. I miss opportunities even though I AM on the computer – every market has tens if not thousands of assets - and you have no way to scan and explore them all and get real-time opportunities - thus you miss a lot of potential trades that fit your strategy. BIG PROBLEM, but at least missing out is not losing.

6. Managing a trade without emotions - also because you do not usually have statistics which trade management is suitable to your strategy + You do it manually and not automatically - so it all depends on your interpretation and your momentary mood - so there is a room for mistakes and a place for losses. BIG PROBLEM.

Small Solution:

1. A system with organized strategies and indicators that can be analyzed and explored - not inventing ideas every week - but there is what there is - and stick to them and delve into them.

2. Option to check any strategy on BackTest and see what the performance and what you should do asset and pair.

3. The scanner will make you understand that you can trade according to constant statistics and not by guessing and this is because you will check it on BackTest.

4. We will also let you know in real time to your phone that there is an opportunity - and so even when you are not on the computer you can take advantage of opportunities even via the phone.

5. We can run on more pairs and assets than you can do manually and by your eyes.

6. You will be able to know which trading settings and which TP and SL are best for each pair + you will have the option to activate full automatic trading and thus you will always trade without emotions!

Hulk Smash scanner can change your approach and get you to those 5-6 percent of traders that making money!

And you also have the option to get the DEMO scanner for free? How - Just subscribe to BitcoinMF newsletter and you receive a link in the mail immediately.

So it’s too bad to wait and linger. Don't be Lazy.

And start making money.

Let Hulk Smash the market for you.

Something incomprehensible? Want to ask us something? Feel free to contact us by email at

or by contacting us on the website, thank you and Good Luck.

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