BitcoinMF Trading and Tips

Those who follow me for a while know I'm not trying to pretend to be an expert and I just share my tools, views, and knowledge with my audience.

However, I would like to post a few words regarding risk management and some tips and rules I try to follow and apply the best way in my trades.

So take a cup of coffee and here we go

Some general rules for trading:

1. Trade only when you have time and you are in no hurry.

2. Trade only when you have a precise pattern for your method - do not rush to open a trade before the pattern has formed.

3. If you are tired, nervous, bored - do not trade.

4. Decide in advance after some losing trades you stop trading for that day - I think that after 3 trades that did not work out - it is better to stop trading until the next day.

5. You decide after some a daily profit you stop trading - if you set 100$ - and get them after 2 trades - stop for today and go do something else - do not lose in the evening the earnings from this morning.

6. Remember that you are a trade to make money and not to enjoy - trading is not a casino - if you want to enjoy Adrenalin - go gamble and do it with fun and smile – in trading, you will be serious and focused. If it's hard for you to follow the rules - you'd better work with a fully automatic robot or take a mentor to help you develop discipline in the trade.

Basic Rule: Don't FAP.

Contact me for further details.

Good Luck And Trade Safe


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